To Do: Tour DC Houseboats to Benefit Potomac River Conservation

Before I got some sense and bought my condo, I was obsessed with buying a house barge and living aboard at the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, DC. They aren't outrageously priced and I am absolutely smitten with the life style (she says as she has never lived aboard a boat.)
Seriously, can't you just see me there... reading my iPad on the deck with coffee in hand, Ike in my lap? Hosting July 4th parties where we watch fireworks over the river with the Washington Monument in the background? (Hmmm... wonder if I can Kickstarter a houseboat?)

In real life, there were a few deal killers. You have to have a lot more money down - as much as 40-50% from what I heard. And, DC is about to renovate the marinas. I wasn't sure what I would do with a homeless barge for a few months.

But I haven't let the dream die. So, you know I'll be there on August 13th for the Southwest DC Waterfront Boat Home Tour. For an $11 donation (benefiting Potomac River advocates Alice Ferguson Foundation and Earth Conservation Corps), you get to see twenty three different live aboards - from sailboats to house boats to barges!

I'm most excited to check out the "green" boats with gardens and composting aboard... but you know I'll be swooning for kitchens, patio and all around amazing small spaces designed well. 

So, get your ticket. Check it out and help a good cause. And, afterwards, meet Blair and me for a cold beer at Cantina Marina. [UPDATE: Show your boat tour ticket at Cantina Marina for 10% off!] See you there!

[PS. If you're a houseboat junkie too, follow my Houseboat Pinterest board - and share your favorite ones with me!]


Doug Kirks said...

After living in the Seattle area for a couple of years, I've had the itch to give this a try. (Not like the Navy time didn't prepare me for it...) Almost bought a 2-story, 2BR barge in Vancouver to get towed to Whidbey Island where I was stationed, but I couldn't find a place to moor it...

Tour Jess said...

Thanks for the post! Keep spreading the word & we'll see you on the 13th! And when you hit Cantina afterwards don't forget to show your tour ticket for 10% off...

Unknown said...

Wow! This so much makes me homesick. I was born in San Francisco. I used to go across the bay to sausalito just to look at the house and barge-boats. Ah, can I have one?

Hey, I suspect I am close to being the newest DC blog. I found your blog addy on Stef's CityGirlBlogs site. As a mark of blogger affection I have placed a link to your sight on my "Good Reads" page.

Because of your info, I think I will in fact be at Southwest DC Waterfront Boat Home Tour on August 13th. Awesome fun. Cantina Marina, anyone?

LC Guy

Isreal Ayele said...

This house is totally breathtaking! The owners must be very lucky to have this one. Whether a house boat, a mansion, or a bungalow, we must be happy with the kind of house we have. =D

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the 2013 Boat-Home Tour, on Saturday October 26th. Get tickets here: