Brunch: Rustico in Alexandria, VA

Recently, I met Blair for brunch on her side of the Potomac... and while I like to make a fuss about crossing the river, I really, really wanted to go to Rustico.

I love their locally sourced, seasonal dinner menu and artisan brews - plus it's just a quick zip down Gee-Dub Parkway and there's easy parking (and Buzz Bakery across the street for take home treats.)

Our conversation will remain between the two of us, but the brunch, we'll share. Replicate our order and you won't go wrong (not that you could on Rustico's menu.)  Start with the tangy Bloody Mary, then split an order of the pillowy Ricotta Donuts and finish out with the Fried Green Tomato Pizza. Between the two of us, we still had leftovers!

Rustico Bloody Mary (photo: Tammy Gordon)

Ricotta Donuts (photo: Tammy Gordon)

Fried Green Tomato Pizza (photo: Tammy Gordon)
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Rustico (that we went to) is located at 827 Slaters Lane in Alexandria, VA. Though, that location is not very Metro friendly, they have a new location in Ballston at 4075 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA.


District Murphy said...

As a former DC resident, current Old Town resident, and soon to be DC resident again, I hate that I've missed out on going to Rustico. We're definitely going to have to make a stop there before we move back.

Unknown said...

Hey Florida Girl

California Boy here :-)

I was really hoping to meet at the houseboat show Saturday. I just found out they are sold out?! I didn't think such a thing likely or I would have gotten tickets long ago. I'm crushed. Well, I will be at the Cantina for lunch :-(


City Girl said...

Hmm...those photos might actually get me out to Alexandria! Thanks :). xoxo