To Do: Party to Help Tune Inn Team

When I first moved to DC as a lowly intern in the office of Rep. Tom Manton, (how'd a Florida girl end up working for an Irish former cop from Queens? Another post...) the first place I really felt at home was at The Tune Inn.

The Tune Inn was - and is - one of the best spots to grab a beer in town. It's where union guys, locals, Congressmen and, yes, interns sit tail-to-tail at the bar and suck down brews at non-Beltway prices. Things have changed a bit, but back in the early 90s, you could get a burger, fries and a beer for $5 and play 10 songs on the jukebox for $1. There was a running joke that if you played Patsy Cline, one of the waitresses would get pissed and skip the song and make you do a shot... so we did.

For those of you that served time in Tallahassee, this is like Ken's World Famous Friendly Tavern transported up to the Mason-Dixon line, minus the mugs and add liquor and a stuffed deer butt over the bathroom door.

It's got character. And it's real. And that goes a long way in this town where virtually everyone's lobbying for something. So when a morning kitchen fire sparked a few weeks ago, fans of The Tune Inn panicked. I scoured Twitter for the latest reports from people in the neighborhood who ran down to see how bad the damage was and luckily it's not terrible. In about 90 days, owner Lisa Nardelli thinks they will be up and running.

But consider what those 90 days mean to the hardworking staff... and you'll know why you need to make your way down to the American Legion Post 8 this Friday night and pitch in. In order to support the 10 staffers not covered by insurance, The Tune Inn is working to raise $50,000.
photo via WAMU
So, I'm gonna lobby you to go to the event - there will be bands, a raffle and a chance to buy some Tune Inn memorabilia. They'll also be selling limited edition plaques - which is WAY cooler than getting your name up at Smith & Wollensky or The Palm. And if you can't make it to the event, please consider donating directly online.

What: Fundraiser for Tune Inn staffers
When: July 15, 3-10pm
Where: American Legion Post 8, 224 D Street SE, Washington, DC
More info: http://friendsoftuneinn.org/the-event/

I promise you, I'll toast you at the reopening party. Maybe Guy Fieri will come too!

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