Farmer's Market: July 8, Washington DC

It's primetime for Washington, DC area farmers markets - check out my haul today from the 14th & U Streets market:

Sweet corn, eggplant, green tomatoes, patty pan squash and tear drop yellow tomatoes (photo: Tammy Gordon)
So, now comes the challenge... what can I make with these amazing ingredients? Here's what's inspiring me:
And I want to pair all of those with shrimp boils, lobster rolls and blueberry-peach cobbler! Gosh, I love summer!

PS. Why am I not at the beach?

PSS. Not pictured above, the savory hand pie from Whisked! that didn't make it home 'cause it's in mah belly!


Nelle Somerville said...

We have a beach for you! Asbury Park is the perfect blend of funky, cute surfer guys and other culinary delights. Everyone owns a bike and there are farmers markets on the BOARDWALK. I die!

Tammy Gordon said...

ALL good. Where'd you stay?