Why You Should Vote in Tuesday's DC Election?

I'm a political addict. That's why I'm here. I wouldn't dream of missing an election. They're like my Superbowl. But why should YOU vote?

#1: Voting allows you to have an opinion one way or another. All of you who were complaining up a storm during snOMG and think someone else could do better... see ya at the polls. Think that was a snow of biblical proportions and we did what we could? See ya there.

#2: The sticker. In this world of web everything and apps, I hope the "I Voted" sticker never goes away. Going with my parents to vote and getting the sticker made me look forward to election days for as long as I can remember. I love the sticker. It is social communications at it's finest. It shows all of your friends that you voted and is a great conversation starter.

#3: If that's not good enough for ya, voting will get you stuff! Chinatown Coffee is giving all customers wearing an "I Voted" sticker 15% all day on election day. Heard of any other businesses offering voter deals? Leave em in the comments or tweet me at @floridagirlindc and I'll add them in here.

Happy voting!

PS. If you still need to learn more about the candidates, here are their websites: Adrien Fenty vs. Vince Gray 2010

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