Things I'm Gonna Miss About Virginia

When I moved to Virginia from DC three years ago, I was an unapologetic suburb hater. Sure my Metro commute to work was faster. Sure my rent was cheaper for a bigger place. But, it was Virginia. (My ex, upon hearing I was moving near Clarendon even uttered: "That's great, you've basically moved back to Tampa." Touche.)

Now that I'm moving back to the District, I've started having a little nostalgia for my 'hood. Here are a few things I'm gonna miss about my sojourn across the river:

  • Yes, it's bereft of any charm whatsoever, but my apartment building has free coffee in the lobby every day and a pool on the roof.
  • Two words: Rebel Heroes. Get the tofu banh mi.
Rebel Heroes: Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich
  • Two words, again: District Taco. Breakfast tacos or veggie tacos are my choices. And, it's District only in name... for now.
  • The Arlington Farmers Market. It has pretty much the same vendors as the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, plus an antiques and craft fair. Every Saturday.
  • Spider Kelly's. I love your burgers, your cardiac mac-n-cheese, and your giant chopped salad. I'll even come back and visit, if you promise to bring back the banana pudding.
  • South Moon Under. I visited you many times for an outfit that night and you rarely disappointed. Many friends of mine also benefitted from your huge section of cute, affordable gifts. 
  • Bake Shop. It's well documented that I'm slightly smitten with this joint. And I promise, it has a lot to do with the oatmeal creme pies, cupcakes and salted oatmeal cookies. Not just, ya know, the other thing.
  • Sisters 3 Epilation & Lingerie Boutique. Leave it to three Greek sisters to know a lil' something about hair removal. Yes, TMI, but girl's they are GOOD. I wouldn't trust this task to just anyone. And they carry really cute gifts for bachelorette parties... or your lingerie drawers.
  • Screwtop Wine Bar & Cheese Shop. Especially in the fall, I love cozying up to the bar with a nice flight of reds and the grilled cheese sliders (shaped like hearts).
Maybe I'll be back one day. But not until I have the requisite adorable child and cottage in Lyon Park. Xo.


Miranda said...

Ahh I love Arlington, I agree that all the things you listed are fabulous!! :)

Nelle Somerville said...

Oh my, to leave a roof top pool will be tough. You can always get a pass to the Hilton and/or the hotel on 14th, blanking on the name. I live for that South Moon Under and have a friend in Lyon's Village. So cute and so not really suburban for family time. Are you in Dupont now?

VASeminole (Chris) said...

District Taco!! Yes you will miss that for sure!! I look forward to ever Tues and Thurs when they come to Crystal City. My lunchtime treat!!

DC Princess said...

The Boy is trying to get me to move back to VA. Not going to happen...I love DC too much but we do venture out there a lot.

I love me some Spider Kelly's!

Capitol to Capital said...

Thing to miss: VA's low income tax. Thing not to miss: personal property tax on your car. Every gosh darn year.

Win some, lose some.

I also loved moving to VA from DC because my apartment was bigger with free parking. In Dupont it was $240/mo. Save that bit for down payment, eh?!

LAmeetsDC said...

What about Ray's? Or Flavors!? Damn, I need to get to Flavors soon...

Tammy Gordon said...

Ooh - good point... the income tax is way better but car tax sucks bad. Huck- I'll give you Ray's even though I'm not much of a steak gal. But, what is this Flavor's you speak of and why I have I not tried it?

Sassy Marmalade said...

Aww, this makes me sad. I've lived in the Clarendon/Virginia Square corridor since 2001 and am finally moving next month! But ... yay for new adventures! ... right?? :)