Lunching in Eco-Friendly Fabulosity: The Hearst Building in NYC

In between real estate drama and getting a nasty change-of-season-cold, I had been scheduled to give a talk about social media at an event in New York. Not one to let a hacking cough and a shaky closing stand in my way, I dragged myself out of bed at 5am to catch the Shuttle.

I love emerging in Manhattan. Much as I think of DC as a city - and compared to Tampa it *is* a big city! - New York has an energy all it's own and it gets infused in me.  Here are a few snaps I took in and around the Hearst Building (where my meeting was.) It's a LEED-certified, eco-friendly skyscraper - and it's GORGEOUS. The lobby has a rainwater fountain and the third floor cafe is bathed in light.

Our lunch was set on the 44th floor of the Hearst Building. I had a lemon couscous, eggplant & mozzarella sliders and mini macaroons for lunch. But, I was too gobsmacked by the view and the gorgeous day to take food photos (don't worry, there's a foodie post coming too!)

After I finished work, I met up with my college pal and Florida Girl in Manhattan (yessss... my sorority sister) Candi for drinks and food. And it was gooood. Bear with me as I pack for the move tomorrow. I'll get the pics up soon.


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog. Know the building well. My friend, Courtney Murphy, is art director for Good House Keeping and baby Angelina did her internship at Harper's Bazaar in that building last year. Yes, vies are absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy NY darling.

Andreia said...

Perfect pics, I wanna travel there!! (but I've yet travelled to Florida and DC and I loved it!)