New Orleans: Cafe DuMonde

I feel like this one is so obviously decadent and must-do that it may not exactly be breaking blog news, but any visit to New Orleans must include a stop at Cafe Du Monde.

My visit this time included a gorgeous foggy walk through the French Quarter and past this ethereal Jackson Square view:

Luckily Cafe Du Monde was only mildly crowded and we found a table right away:

Our server was prompt and friendly. My usual order is a cafe con leche & 3 beignets. They melt in your mouth and it's always entertaining to people watch the performers, tourists and locals that converge 24 hours a day.

It's hard to leave without a little lagniappe so we picked up a cute mug and a can of their hearty chicory coffee to take back to DC with us.

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Tampa Realtor said...

That's a Cafe au lait in NOLA. Cafe con leche here in Tampa.