New Orleans: Stanley's for Breakfast

Sunday morning, I was a woman without a plan. Still in New Orleans, I was bound for the French Quarter, stomach growling and in need of coffee. I turned to Twitter and the recommendations started rolling in. Because I was pretty casual and by myself, I picked Stanley in Jackson Square at the recommendation of @NOLATalk. I'll admit as an avowed Twitter addict, my interest was piqued by their chef Scott Boswell, aka @ChefScottB, being on Twitter.

Despite the playoff malay that was descending on the city, I found a seat at the bar and was greeted immediately by a guy behind the counter who set me up with coffee and a menu. When he returned for my order, I told him I was up in the air over the Bourbon Street French Toast and the Eggs Stella. When I told him I really wanted the french toast but couldn't stop thinking about the cornmeal crusted soft shell crab that came in the Eggs Stella, he immediately said, "Well, why I don't I bring you the french toast with a soft shell on the side."... Um, yeah, that would be freaking the best thing EVER.

And it was.

Here's a snap of my french toast, which came with sliced bananas, Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, toasted walnuts and a caramel syrupy "Foster sauce" - decadent!!

And here's the side serving of cornmeal crusted soft shell with (my favorite) Crystal Hot Sauce:

This was one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in New Orleans. Ever. Add it to your list for your next visit!

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