New Orleans: Ralph Brennan's Bacco

This was a quick trip to New Orleans, and my focus wasn't the usual gumbo and hurricane-fueled madness that brings me to town. But with that semi-soberness, I explored a bit more, took photos and per usual, got a million ideas for places to check out from my Twitter community.

The playoffs being in town and us running late nixed my top two dinner choices - Irene's and Galatoire's - due to over two and a half hour waits. (Have I previously blogged about how mean I get when I'm hungry?)

I ended up defaulting to a Ralph Brennan's Bacco in the W Hotel French Quarter. It was a spot I'd been to before with great meals, so even though I wanted to try something new, it was a good backup plan.

We started with the Truffle Fettuccine, which was served with shaved parmesan and slivers of mushrooms:

For our main courses, we ordered the two specialities of Bacco, the Lobster & Shrimp Ravioli:

And the BBQ shrimp:

For dessert, we decided to walk on through the French Quarter to one of our favorite spots, Cafe Du Monde. (Stay tuned for next post...)

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Shari said...

OMG that looks good. Must have been fun to be in New Orleans after the win. I visited Cafe Dumond on my one trip to New Orleans. Hi from another Tampa girl.