Where to Eat in Maine: Hugo's in Portland

I'll be honest, the entire reason I booked a flight to Maine last weekend was that Jenna had a reservation at Hugo's in Portland. It had been on my restaurant bucket list ever since an ex showed me the menu.

But, to do Hugo's right, you need to go with people who appreciate food. Not just appreciate, obsess about food. 

Luckily, I was there with Jenna of Eat More Drink More and Nikki of Cupcakes for Breakfast. Hell, we became friends because we are obsessed with food. When faced with three tasting menus to choose from, we did the only thing we could. We ran the menu.

Here's a sample of my favorites from when we visited in June. I started off with this gorgeous beef and oyster tartare:

Beef & Oyster Tartare at Hugo's

Next up, a tuna tataki with pickled matchstick radishes:
Tuna Tataki at Hugo's

A thinly wrapped wahoo that was somehow crispy fried on the exterior and perfectly rare interior:
Wahoo at Hugo's

A poached halibut with crispy quinoa and asparagus "carbonara":
Halibut at Hugo's
One of the best bites of the night was this meaty, roasted oyster mushroom with egg and basmati rice:

Oyster Mushroom at Hugo's

Full menu and dessert after the jump...

Full Hugo's Menu for June 2015
I mean, yes, we had to get dessert. And I think the only real choice was the "Mostly Baked" brownie with popcorn ice cream, potato chips and hibiscus merengue:
Mostly Baked at Hugo's
Hugo's is located at 88 Middle Street, Portland, Maine. Reservations are available here.

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