First Impressions: Bread Furst Bakery in Van Ness

I just popped into Bread Furst while out running errands and it's so cute! But more importantly, check out these sandwiches and baked goods:
Multi-Grain Bread


Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Housemade Fig Newtons

It's not quite as close to home as Palena Coffee Shop (RIP) was, but I can't wait to go back to Bread Furst, sit at one of the outdoor cafe tables and enjoy a pastry and coffee or sandwich and soda.

PS. When the staff caught me snapping photos, I loved that their response was, "We're on Instagram! Tag us!" Oh, you bet I did. Tagged. Followed. Blogged.

Bread Furst is located at 4434 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC, near the Van Ness Metro stop.

1 comment:

Ken Shushin said...

Thank for sharing!!!

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