Where to Eat in Vancouver: Go Fish & Granville Market

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I took a recent social media sabbatical in Vancouver. While it was great to get offline, these gorgeous food photos have been burning a hole in my laptop and I wanted to share. 

On this particular day, we woke up to a misty-rainy kind of day. And like any kind of cram-every-experience-in-type, we decided it was the perfect day to do the Grouse Grind. The concierge at the Westin looked at us like we were nuts, but we rented a car and were on our way. I'm not sure I would have agreed to this plan if I'd realized how intense it would be. The climb up Grouse Mountain is 2,800 feet, which means I climbed 2,830 stairs to get to the top. 

But I did it. And, celebrated with this gorgeous view afterwards by having lunch at Go Fish. The skyline view and creek-side patio is worth finding this little fish shack nook, but the real rewards were the fish & chips and fish tacos.
Fish & Chips at Go Fish
It's right by the dock where fisherman were selling spot prawns right off of their boats. (Spot prawns would prove to be a tough find this trip since a lot of restaurants eschewed their absurdly high price this year. Of course, we paid the absurdly high price when we found them at Le Crocodile. Incidentally, that's the one meal I don't have photos of... it felt too nice to whip out my phone and start snapping shots.)
Fish Tacos at Go Fish
With full bellies, we crossed the bridge to explore Granville Market. It's an adorable, walkable island full of food vendors, restaurants and shops. A must-do on any trip to Vancouver.
Pastries in Granville Market
There's more to come... a lot more... but that's a solid day right there. Hike, eat, enjoy.

Go Fish is located at 1505 West First Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia. As you head down to the docks, there are a few parking spots to the right for Go Fish. You can also take a water taxi, boat, bike or public transportation to Go Fish & Granville Market.

And, while we rented a car for Grouse (and I'm glad, because it was exhausting), there are also buses that go straight there from downtown.

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