A Farewell to Carbs: 6 DC Carbs I'll Miss Most

When I decided to do the My Bootcamp 30 Day Transformation Paleo challenge, my first thought (after I stocked up on veggies and meat at the farmers market) was ok, I have four. more. days. of. carbs. So, what are the can't miss carbs of DC? Here's my take:

Taylor Gourmet Subs and Risotto Balls
Sure they make awesome salads (which I will be consuming by the barrel when the new Penn Quarter shop opens across from my office), but my favorite cozy go to order is a melty sub on their awesome bread with a side of risotto balls.
Taylor Gourmet Risotto Balls & Subs

The Donut Trend
Why did I decide to do this at the same time as Chef Jason Gehring opened Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, Chef Tiffany MacIsaac is opening a new donut shop and I have those insane lemon donuts at Palena Market a block from my house? I can give up cupcakes... but donuts?

Lemon Donut at Palena
Evil Tiffany MacIsaac Donut from her pop up at Salt & Sundry
Baked Goods from Blind Dog Cafe 
I could go 30 days without tasting the best chocolate chip cookie in Washington, but how can I get my latte without one of their creative scones of the day or the Bacon Goat Cheese Croissant sandwich? Breathe.

Mexican Corn at El Chucho
I'll give you that not every menu item is a win at El Chucho, but they do veggies well. Especially the Mexican corn which is so creamy, cheesy and sweet corn-y that it will look like the best splurge ever when I cross that Paleo threshold.

Mexican Corn at El Chucho

Everything at Fiola
I guess the upside is that Fiola does healthy well. Maria's lunch menu always has amazing salads, veggies and fresh grilled fish that will make me feel fabulous *and look fabulous* all while staying on my challenge. The downside... no Cacio & Pepe or Bolognese for the next 30 days.  Ooh, or Jeff Faile's Manhattans... shit, why did I agree to this?

Bolognese at Fiola
Ramen at Toki Underground
So, I'm gonna assume no noodles are allowed on the #30DayTransformation. Maybe I could just get a bowl of broth, pork belly and fried egg?

Toki Underground Ramen (photo: Jenna Golden of Eat More. Drink More.)
Honorable Mentions

What else? Tweet me or tell me in the comments what you'd miss most if you were giving up carbs for 30 days.


Unknown said...

I'm too french to ever give up carbs, so I admire you for doing this. Best of luck in the paleo-world... I guess 30 days isn't so bad... maybe I'll give up carbs for lent this year... maybe.

Tammy Gordon said...

I mainly just feel blah from holiday overindulgence. It'll be a good reset to make me choose more consciously. I'll never be rigid with this stuff long term.

Unknown said...

gosh...martinis ;-(
let me know how that paleo works for you!
happy nye!

Anonymous said...

I admire your effort. This post made me so hungry!