New Year Challenge: 30 Day Paleo Program

I've been working out once a week with Grant Hill for over a year now... longer than I've stuck with any kind of exercise plan. It's always outside with gorgeous DC scenery (choose Cathedral, Georgetown, Logan Circle or the dreaded Exorcist Stairs) and whether with friends or solo, it's fast, effective and interesting. I feel and look better than I have in years.
Sandbag squats in sleet and snow? No biggie... #lies
So, when he asked me today if I was going to join his 30 Day Transformation program starting January 2, 2013 you might think I jumped at the chance. But, I'm me... so I equivocated. "I mean, Grant... I just don't think it works with my lifestyle... I mean, I really really like food and eating out... like, a lot..." He pushed back, "I really think you can do it. I'll help." I ducked, "I mean, I could... but would you, like, be checking up on me..." (He follows me on Twitter and sees my food posts so there's not a lot of room for cheating without lying.)

As I was driving home from our workout, I thought about it. I mean, this guy has gotten me into shape for surfing lessons and kept workouts interesting and introduced me to some of the coolest chicks I know. Could I give him 30 days of Paleo? I've done it before and I know it works.

So, fine. I'm in. Let's do this thing. Y'all join Grant in keeping me honest.

And if you want in too, the details are on Grant's My Bootcamp website. Strength in numbers, right?

Plus, blogging recipes... saving money by eating in... Paleo dinner parties???

Follow Grant on Twitter at @GrantHillFit and tweet him for more info on bootcamp, personal training or nutrition.... that's how I got started! Leave me your favorite Paleo recipes in the comments below and I'll try em out!

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Nelle Somerville said...

Times like these I wish I still lived in DC. Will happily follow however. :) You do look great! Happy New Year and here's to your health!