Best of the Web: Thanksgiving Desserts

While trying to decide what kind of dessert to make for a friend's dinner party recently, I stumbled down a recipe rabbit hole and came up with more fall recipe awesomeness than my kitchen could crank out. I'm passing along the most drool-worthy finds on the Internet in hopes that one of them will make it to your Thanksgiving table.

PS. There are purposely no softballs included. (Looking at you pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie.)


City Girl said...

I'm salivating at my laptop at the thought of these. Is it Thanksgiving yet ;)?

Peter said...

Our figs will be ripe soon and Erica deMane has inspired me with figs with honey and champers. A new recipe for our guests to cook.

TooBlue said...

Oh my lord, the maple nutmeg tart from the NYT. It's seriously a transformative experience. Instant classic. I think it's still searchable there, and Smitten's got it up, but here's my write up:


It is so so so so good. Use good dark syrup too if you can find it.