To Do: Help Homeless Veterans

I'm volunteering tonight at Miriam's Kitchen for the dinner service. After reading this email from them this morning, I'm gonna lose it. No tears in Chef John's chicken pot pies. Repeat.

The following is copied from an email by Miriam's Kitchen, an organization serving the homeless of Washington, DC:

There are 76,000 homeless veterans in the United States on any given night.

At Miriam's Kitchen, nearly 1,000 (or 24%) of our guests are veterans.

Just this morning, we were joined by 15 veterans and had the opportunity to thank each of them personally for their service.

We also had the opportunity to talk with them about the services we provide to veterans.
Those services include:
  • meeting their basic needs and providing them with healthy meals and clean clothing,
  • providing them with services like medical care, mental health treatment and legal assistance through our case management program,
  • linking them with housing programs specifically tailored to veterans,
  • connecting them to services through the Department of Veterans Affairs and All Faith Consortium by providing space for their outreach workers in our dining room, and
  • helping them find their way by welcoming them into the Miriam's Kitchen community.
You are already a big part of the work we do for homeless veterans but if you're inspired to do more today, here are a few ideas from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

From all of us here at Miriam's Kitchen, Happy Veterans Day.

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