Where I've Been Staying: The Peabody Hotel Orlando

I've been down in Orlando for AARP's Orlando@50+ event and staying at the Peabody Hotel. Now, I used to live in Orlando, and I've always treated the International Drive area like kryptonite. This trip changed my mind a little bit. There are good restaurants, shops and even an Ice Bar where you have to bundle up and drinks are served in glasses made of ice.

Here are five reasons you should stay at the Peabody Hotel if you find yourself in the area:

1) Huge, soft, fluffy towels. Hotels, you have no idea how annoying it is to get out of the shower and try to wrap a hand towel sized towel around your hair or body. These felt luxe and spa like.

2) The hotel is super eco-friendly. Even the hotel hallway lights are motion detected so that they save energy when no one is using them.

3.) It's also a techy dream. The wi-fi worked like a champ. There are motion-detected LED lights under the bathroom sink so that you don't have to turn on a light if you wake in the middle of the night. And, get this... there is a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror. I really didn't miss one minute of Morning Joe while getting ready for work. (Bonus: They actually had MSNBC. Still no Bravo, but progress!)

4.) I like to get out of the hotel to eat, but the Peabody had a lot of options. The coffee shop was solid on the latte, but earned bonus points for flaky croissants, mini macarons, and chocolate dipped red velvet sandwiches (yes, cut in the shape of ducks!)

5.) The ducks. I thought this might be all hype, but it really is so cute and fun. I snapped a video so you could get a sense, but I think you have to be there to absorb the excitement.

I'm headed back to DC shortly. See you all there soon!


Nelle Somerville said...

I guess I won't be making Duck L'Orange any time soon. Too cute. My family is from Memphis and I love visiting the ducks when I go back. Glad you are home safe!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy, sounds like you had a super good time. And the duck march is really cute. I am sorry we missed that when we were in Orlando.