What I've Been Eating: Lobster Truck DC

I've been traveling a lot again and photos of crazy, yummy food are backing up in my iPhoto gallery.  I've just got to start posting them for you. Before I left for Orlando, I *finally* tried the new DC Lobster Truck!

Like many food trucks, half of the fun is chasing the truck on Twitter and running out to get it when it comes to your neighborhood. It's like some kind of psychological embed from the childhood ice cream truck days.

I grabbed Jen & Beth and we braved the daunting line to be rewarded with sweet lobster claw meet on a soft bun. It's a delicious lunch, but comes with a hefty price tag for street food: $15 for the lobster roll (or $18 with chips & a drink)

I'd definitely go again, but the experience reminded me how much I love the lobster roll and skinny fries at Hank's Oyster Bar. That's where I *really* need to go soon.


Elizabeth F. Stewart said...

Thanks for saving me the time of standing in that famous Red Hook Lobster truck line. I am a big Hank's lobster roll fan, too! There is usually a wait to get a table at Hank's, but I don't mind the wait (or paying more), considering that I can get my very fave lobster roll fix (w/their fab Old Bay-seasoned skinny fries) and, you know, a seat—in one of the best restaurants in my own neighborhood.

Shari Sunday said...

I wish a lobster truck would come down my street!

City Girl said...

How long did you have to wait and was it worth it? (I'm craving Hank's now, too - lol.)

Tammy Gordon said...

Probably took about 20 minutes. I wouldn't do it in a time crunch, or rain/sleet/snow... but with friends just for fun, it was worth it.