Help Save the DC Food Trucks!

Yesterday, Curbside Cupcakes sent out an alert on their Facebook page and I went into panic.  Apparently, some local merchants and business improvement districts aren't so into the food truck craze.  I get it, it's competition. But they are trying to change the law in DC to try to limit or kill all of the creative, gourmet food that's popping up on street corners near you.

So, whether your fave is Curbside Cupcake, Fojol Brothers, Sauca, Lobster Truck, El Floridano, DC Slices or a player to be named later, your trucks need your help.  We need to show the City Council that we support mobile truck options. 

And you can help. Right there from your phone or laptop.  Just send an email voicing your support to mailto:Hlder.Gil@dc.gov - tell em to SAVE OUR FOOD TRUCKS!

A sample email is below for those of us that are too busy to compose one on our own:
Subject: I Support Title 24 Chapter 5

Dear City Council,

I am a customer of _____________ and I am writing to you to support the current proposed DCRA regulation Title 24 Chapter 5 that will allow mobile vendors to stay in DC and continue offering more choices and value. Please do not allow the introduction of any discriminatory language into these regulations. Please pass the regulations as written and protect the diverse vending options in the city.

Thank you,
[NOTE: If you haven't get found your favorite food truck in DC, follow my Twitter DC Food Trucks list and try one near you. They are really fun and a great break from the usual office food.]

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