Review: Lunch at the Equinox Bar

On Tuesday, Alejandra (aka @frijolita and food blogger here and here) and I had Lobster Truck on the brain. Like half of DC, we got our tails down to Farragut Square to be there on opening day. And, as can happen in the food truck world, something went awry and we found ourselves stranded in Farragut Square.

I had just been to Equinox for the launch of the Mid Atlantic Red Fruit Festival, so it was top of mind.  Plus, Alejandra hadn't been ever (and it felt like forever since I'd actually eaten there myself.)  While not a new kid on the foodie block, Equinox pioneered eating local and is one of the best spots in town to find true Mid Atlantic cuisine.

We pulled ourselves up to the bar and within seconds bartender/new best friend, Johnny, was taking care of us and we were ordering away.

We started out with this Yellow and Red Tomato Salad topped with Onion Strings and Watercress. It immediately made me think, you know, if I were to enter the Mid Atlantic Red Fruit Festival's tomato recipe contest, I'd want it to be with something simple and perfect like this. Something where the tomato was the star, not loaded down with cloying cheese (although, yum) or smashed into a panini (also yum).

Next up we had the Raviolini. I can't really even remember what was advertised on the menu as the ingredients because I was so surprised to find POPCORN in it. I never considered mixing popcorn and pasta but the crunch contrasts so perfectly with creamy, cheesy pasta. Consider trying it at home... or just leave it to brilliant Equinox Chef Todd Gray.

With that we were satisfied and ready to roll back to the office. But Johnny wasn't quite done with us and the next thing you know dessert popped up in front of us. I think I blurted out, "Well, this is clearly the best thing that will happen to us all day!"

We got to try the Equinox Chocolate Cream with Olive Oil Ice Cream, Hazelnuts and "Chocolate Soil". Alejandra about died because she's been obsessed and blogging about olive oil in desserts. Next thing you know, she's chatting up Chef Gray about how to make chocolate soil. I wouldn't be surprised if a version shows up in one of her recipes soon.

I was all about this crazy layered White Peach Parfait. Now, I'm a peach purist and think they are best served simply, but this concoction left me slack jawed and wanting more. Consider this. Layers of mousse, meringue, compressed peaches and sorbet. I die.

Or rather, I went back to work. It wasn't pretty. But the meal sure was.

[NOTE: Make a reservation at Equinox or just pull up a seat at their intimate (read: only six seats) bar. It's located right by The White House at 818 Connecticut Avenue. You can also follow them on their blog, Twitter or Facebook.]

DISCLAIMER: While we have no idea if they knew we were food bloggers (we didn't advertise or set anything up, nor did we tell them we blogged til it was over), the desserts were gratis. We may have just been fun, fabulous gals at the bar. But who knows? Better safe than sorry in letting you and the FTC know.


Miranda said...

Looks delicious, I'll have to try it sometime!

michelle said...

Popcorn in the pasta? Olive oil ice cream? I need to check this place out! Great writeup!