Where to Eat When It's 100 Degrees?

Let's get serious. No one wants to cook when it's 100 degrees out, like it was this weekend in DC. Heck, I didn't even make it to the farmers market and that's like 50 feet from my front door.

So, what *did* I enjoy and why?

Peach Blueberry Shake from Silver Diner

  • it had chunks of fresh, local blueberries and peaches embedded in a thick yogurt shake;
  • it came with a straw so thick that I could suck said chunks of fresh fruit out; and
  • I didn't even have to get out of my car to pick it up, pay for it & devour it. (Silver Diner, in addition to using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, also has curbside pick up! Win.)
[NOTE: Word on the Twitter Street via @Pete_Eats is that they had these at the Mount Pleasant Market also - try em out!]

Watermelon, Feta & Black Olive Salad (on the seasonal menu) from Zaytinya
  • This is the meal I wanted to make for myself, but was too lazy to go get the ingredients for;
  • As a result, I spent a bit more money but got to meet Sebastian the bartender, hang out with my friend Caroline and drink a pitcher of Pom Fili. (More on that after the jump!)
  • Try this one at home. All you do is toss the ingredients together with whatever greens are fresh - Zaytinya used watercress today - and crack a little salt & pepper over the top!

Click "Read More" for the Pom Fili scoop!
What's a Pom Fili you ask? We decided that it's a Turkish margarita or Mediterranean sangria. But basically it's white wine, vodka, triple sec & pomegranate juice.  Try it making a pitcher at home and let me know how you like it!

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Shari said...

Sounds great. I'm a fan of Feta. The Turkish marguerita or Mediterranean sangria sounds awesome. Don't know which name I like the most. Have to try that one.