Have You Met LiLu? With Your Help, She Could Be MTV's 1st Ever Twitter Jockey!

The DC Twitterverse is an increasingly small world.  It turns out, people who make me laugh my ass off on Twitter also make me laugh my ass off in real life. And one of our own, @LivItLuvIt (or LiLu if you fancy yourself part of her fan posse) is in the running to be MTV's first ever Twitter Jockey!  Get to know her and how you can help in this exclusive (ha!) Florida Girl in DC interview...  of course, I start off with food...

@FloridaGirlinDC (FGDC): Who's your source for where to eat?

@LivItLuvIt (LiLu): Definitely bloggers. They’re always honest, though I do take it with a grain of salt, because after a decade in the restaurant industry myself, I’m all too aware how people remember the bad and forget the good. AND how one bad experience can sour someone on a place, when really it was just a waiter having a bad day- I have to hear a few bad reviews from different sources before I’ll truly write a place off. And even then, I’ll probably want to try it for myself first. Restaurant masochism at its finest.

FGDC: What's your favorite place to eat in DC when someone else is paying?

LiLu: Hmmm. First someone else needs to pay so I can answer this properly! But I have had exceptional experiences at both the District Chophouse and Central. I’ve also been to Cashion’s [Eat Place] quite a few times for drinks and appetizers at the bar, but I’d love to give their sit down menu a try, if the small plates are indicative of the entire menu.

FGDC: What food or ingredient makes you dry heave on sight?

LiLu: Sauerkraut. I can’t even SMELL it. It’s the only thing I truly could never stomach under any circumstances. *shudders*

FGDC: I'm a slacker when it comes to local music... so, as MTV's first Twitter jockey... what's your favorite band or artist in the DC area and link us a clip of the song that will make us love them?

LiLu: My favorite band in DC, and the one I pimped out for MTV TJ Challenge 3: Break a Local Band, is Redline Addiction. They’re super versatile, right now they’re working on an acoustic record (their second full-length album). You can check out my personal favorite song of theirs, Everybody Knowsright here, and all of their music on their Facebook page. I went to hear them record in the studio last week and interviewed them if you want to get to know the guys personally (hint: you do). You can check that out here.

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FGDC: What's the best concert or show you've seen... in your entire life...

LiLu: Billy Joel, Madison Square Garden, hands down. Nothing will EVER top that. Especially because I had just turned 21 and they were serving champagne with strawberries in it. I will never feel so classy again.

FGDC: We have to say, the Tourist Trust Falls had us at hello. Did anyone drop you?

LiLu: Of the tourists, actually, no (I chose them carefully, even through my mimosa haze that convinced me this was a good idea in the first place)… it was my own dear friends who ended up dropping me at a party that night, hard core. I had the egg on the back of my head to prove it. (See: the end of this video for proof.)

FGDC: WTH is a rick roll? I've seen your video from Fado and STILL don't know. Does this mean, I'm too old for MTV?

LiLu: Hahaha! No! It just means that I’m truly special. “Rick rolling” traditionally means telling someone to check out something online, like an article on , and then you give them the link to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” instead! BAM! Rick rolled!!!

So I decided to take that one step farther, in REAL life… and rick roll a whole bar. Fado in Chinatown was great about coordinating with me- the manager cued the song up, and very suddenly, the entire bar was treated to this hot mess of me and my gorgeous back up dancers rocking out the The Great Ginger. I’d say you had to be there, but I actually think the video does it justice.

FGDC: It seemed like you got a lot of support for you #SaveTheFurbabies challenge. How'd you end up with a cat named Axe Murderer?

LiLu: HA. Well, ladies, all I can say is, don’t ever give your man absolute power in naming one of your pets. B is allergic to cats, but I can’t live without something furry in the house, and we don’t have the time or space to take care of a dog. So I somehow convinced (read: cried) him that he would become immune eventually (he has!), and that he could name one of the kittens “whatever he wanted” (<-- MISTAKE!!!) if we could get a pair. So we did. And he named it Axe Murderer. When I protested, and asked if we could at least call her “Axe” for short, he stated very pointedly that if we’d be giving her any nickname, it would be “Murderer,” not “Axe.” This touching moment was actually recorded on film.

Full disclosure: He actually loves the cats more than I do, now.

FGDC: How can everyone lend you support in your bid to be the MTV Twitter Jockey?

LiLu: I’ve created a short web page telling you all the ways you can help, but it boils down to this: Most importantly, you can VOTE HERE! ANYONE with a Facebook account can vote, and you will only get to have to vote once. 

You can also: Tweet your heart out for me!  Suggested text [FGDC: for you lazy ones...]:

Vote @LivitLuvit, my favorite in the @MTVTJ search for MTV’s first Twitter Jockey! http://facebook.com/zync #zyncmtvtj

And finally, invite your friends to the “Event” on Facebook to give them the details: Click Here for the event’s link.

FGDC: Good luck LiLu, go forth and kick ass for DC!


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LiLu doesn't like sauerkraut?! And I thought I knew her so well...