Farmers Market Scenes: May 22, 2010

In the spring, each visit to the market brings new excitement as tastes that you've been desiring all winter long come back into season. The highlights for me this week were strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers as far as the eye could see. Man, I've missed you.
 For those of you who are new to the blog, I try to eat local and in season as much as possible. The impact on the environment is better. But possibly more important to me, the ingredients all taste better. Actually, the two go hand in hand. When your tomatoes have to travel just from the farm down the road, they were likely picked yesterday. When they are from another country, imagine how far they have traveled and how many days they have had to start going bad (not to mention what chemicals are allowed).

More market pics from today's Arlington Farmers Market and highlights after the jump...

The pic below is from Westmoreland Berry Farms stand. I've never seen scapes before. I've got a crazy busy week so I didn't buy them, but if you have tips on what to do with them, leave em in the comments below.  Adventures in Shaw tells me that they make a mean pesto. Sounds like a future farmers market challenge to me!

 Scapes from Westmoreland Farms
 Tomatoes - at almost every stand - FINALLY back in season!
 Fresh Farm Eggs
 The pastel palette of these radishes caught my eye. Bet they'd make a gorgeous salad!
 Quail Creek always has amazing breads, pastries... this week, I couldn't resist the Carrot Cake.
Spring squash, carrots and beets. So far, I still don't like beets. If you've got the recipe or menu item that will change my mind, please let me know.

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