Oh Baby! Luna Likes Local...

I have to admit, I get a little farmers market *swoon* when my friends tell me that I've inspired them to eat more locally sourced ingredients.  The latest was an email I received from my friend Christiana that she had taken her daughter, Luna, on her first farmers market visit.  I wonder how many vegetables and foods I might have liked growing up had I eaten fresh and local? [Asparagus used to be my most hated food. Mushy & oversalted canned asparagus was the culprit. Now, I love it fresh & grilled.]
Luna & Christiana at Arlington Farmers Market

When Luna was born, Christiana started making her fresh baby food using local, seasonal ingredients. It's just one baby, not a scientific study, but Luna likes FOUR TIMES the amount of vegetables than her brother who ate store bought baby food.  I'm just sayin... fresh, local, seasonal food tastes better.

To make it easier, Christiana picked up this Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker which only takes 15 minutes to turn fresh ingredients into a ready to go meal. And while the baby food maker isn't cheap, she's saving money and time not having to go buy all of those expensive prepacked bottles from the grocery store.

I asked if I could blog Luna's favorite recipe. Turns out it's pretty simple - applesauce! Christiana just peels the apples, chops them up, drops them in the baby food maker which steams them and blends it into dinner.  She even likes eggplant, which is made the same way, although Christiana adds farmers market onions. What a sophisticated palate for a little baby!

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