Austin: Parkside

If you know me, you know how much I love Austin. I try to cram as much food into my short jaunts to the town as I can possibly hold. And that means, lotsa blog posts!

Last night, post Driskill cocktails, I walked over to try out Parkside on the 6th Street strip. I loved it. I ordered the Fried Okra with House Ranch. You would be shocked at how much cutting the okra on a bias before frying makes a huge difference.
I followed that up with a Spring Pea Ravioli with Wilted Pea Tendrils. You could tell those peas were freshly harvested - they just tasted better than peas taste.
Meanwhile, the bartender from The Driskill came by after his shift and joined me. It was Oyster Night so he ordered up a dozen:
Definitely one of my new favorite spots in Austin. Perfect for dinner with friends, a date night, or like me on this trip, hangin' solo at the bar.

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