Austin: The Driskill Hotel Bar

Blogging about the The Driskill Hotel while in Austin seemed trite when I was there for SXSW. But, now that the crowds have died down, I dropped in last night after a presentation and was reminded why it's consistently a favorite of mine.

First of all, the architecture and design always stops me in my tracks. It was truly designed when art mattered to buildings.  Check out this view from the grand staircase looking into the lobby:
As I climbed the stairs to the lobby bar, I thought, I love this song and need to ask the bartender who it is... but it was a live band. Live music - good live music - abounds in Austin every day and seemingly everywhere.  Here are the guys that played the Driskill last night. One of them is moving to Baltimore, so of course, I chatted up his wife and am going to get in touch with them re DC/Baltimore area venues.
The bartender, who I remembered from SXSW, was engaging and serving me up gimlets made with fresh lime juice.

How much do you love this lamp? Hilarious. But perfect in this overly Texan haunt.
AND... there are cupcakes... at. the. bar. (from the bakery downstairs).
I know, it's cliche... but it's cliche for a reason... cause The Driskill's awesome.

PS. And sustainable. #ftw


Matt mmWine Horbund said...

Looks like it's an awesome bar. I usually judge a bar by the bartender's ability to make a good Sidecar. Favorite cocktail, most screw it up. The bartender at the Orlando Peabody rocked it, though.

As an aside, what makes them sustainable? How does that factor in?


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hello. I came because of Matt above. Nice place. What kind of beer list does that kind of place have? Just interested. Oh, and nice to meet you. And PSS those are some nice pictures.

Tammy Gordon said...

I'll admit I didn't check out the beer list but I think they have a good selection, especially local Texas beer. And they definitely had a Sidecar on their specialty menu. I was in a gimlet mood for some reason though.

Sustainable menus work to balance the ingredients the restaurant uses with what is healthy for the environment. For example, not serving a popular fish that's being overfished - or one that's harvested in a manner that's harmful. I've got a great app called Seafood Watch on my phone that alerts me to make better choices. I'd hate to eat one of my favorites out of existence! ;)

Capitol to Capital said...

Not sure how you've been off my Google Reader for so long when you're all over my Twitter! I have friends who got married at this hotel--it's stunning! Austin is such a happy place.