A Floridian's Guide to Surviving Snow

I've lived in DC for 10 years now... *gasp*... a full-on decade. Here are a few things I've learned over the years to pass on to fellow Floridians who find themselves living "up north"...

1. Wellies are the new flip flop.
They are cute, easy, comfy & typically the best ones are simple and plastic. No matter what the weather throws your way, toss on your wellies and tromp through it as easily as you would a sandy beach.


Pic via The Cheap Chica's Guide to Style

WINTER FAIL (But I still do it for pedicures):

2. If your car is parked outside in a snowstorm, brush the snow off before it gets wet and hardens.
I'm notorious for hibernating or playing in the snow and ignoring as it accumulates on my rig. By the time I have to head to the office, I typically find myself brushing snow off and scraping my windshield which has now hardened like Magic Shell. Toss on the wellies, some gloves and your warmest jacket and do it while it's still soft, pretty and fluffy.

Actual pic of my car during Washington, DC's December #snOMG

3. Always have your camera handy. Your fellow Floridians back home love them some #snowporn. (Use fun hashtags on Twitter, like #snOMG, #snowgasm, #snowpacalyse to share the experience)
Snap pics and send them to your friends and family back home who are enamored by the white stuff. They love seeing them - even if it's just shots of your feet or your neighborhood parking lot. And, if you live somewhere as photogenic as Washington, DC, don't hesitate to veer out of that traffic jam, park and snap gorgeous shots. Here are a few from Tuesday's snow covered landscapes on the National Mall.

Geese flying by The Washington Monument

Trees in front of The Washington Monument... it's back there, I promise...

The White House

4. Enjoy it! Lord willing, we'll all be living back at the beach one day and we can tell tall tales about our crazy experiences to people who have never left the state!


Douglas said...

There are things that Floridians, as a rule, never ever consider - and gets them every time there's snow:

1) Gloves. Get a pair of gloves. Preferably with a leather shell. Snow, it turns out, is wet. And Floridians never own real gloves. You can get them for $8 at the local drug store.

2) A hat. No, not the free baseball cap you got at the Lightning game - an honest-to-God wool hat. You're going to lose more heat through your hands and head than you could ever imagine. Again, about $5 at the CVS/Walgreens/Rite-Aid.

3) A scarf. If you're a Floridian, chances are you're wearing a t-shirt under that jacket; this is going to leave a gap around your neck. Get a scarf. It doesn't have to be Fourth Doctor length - but it does need to be long enough to wrap and tie.

Tammy Gordon said...

These are all things I am still failing at because I'm shooting for fashion more than warmth.

I have fingerless wool gloves. A wool beret. And non wool scarf. *sigh*

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