Dating in an Overly Digital Age

As much as I am addicted to all things tech - Blackberry, Facebook, IM, Twitter (and who knows what I have yet to discover...) - when it comes to guys and dating, it's equally as dangerous as it is fun and flirty.

Back in college, I shudder to think of what texting and Facebook would have added to the insanely fratty Florida State experience. But at the same time, not having the option to get in touch meant that some good things faded away. Of course, so did some train wrecks.

Either way this Glamour article, made me think about all of the crazy new rules. Many seem obvious like, don't change your Facebook status from "single" to "in a relationship" without a discussion with your dude... but others, like sending regretful texts while drunk ring just as true as dialing up your college ex's old school answering machine at 3am. Of course, now those late night sentiments can be shared with millions via social networks or sites like TextsFromLastNight.com.

Above, all, perhaps we have to member that all the world's the audience now. What you think you may be sending to your latest love could ended up broadcast to your boss.

The most useful advice gleaned from the article, I now pass along: iPhones and Gmail have programs that disable your texting/e-mailing during peak drinking hours, unless you can pass a sobriety test.

That's a lifeline ladies, use it.

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