Knock Off the Knock Offs?

There's a certain thrill of finding a great knock off handbag off Canal Street in NY, but despite the momentary "high" I find at acquiring one that's passable for the real thing, I've recently learned a few things that kill the buzz.

A (and B-Z), the fake designer goods industry supports organized crime, forced child labor and terrorists. At first, I laughed at the absurdity of linking the recessionista desire to save a few bucks and still get what you want and something so evil, but Google "fake handbags" and "terrorism" to get an idea of how closely they are actually linked. The NY Times had a recent piece on this as well.

Fashion blogger Kristin Kaleal wrote on Unbuttoned about tips to spot a fake.

Sorry to be a Sunday Funday buzz kill, but that trendy, but affordable Balenciega isn't so cute & cool when you consider what it fuels...

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