Visiting Choptank Sweets Oyster Farm & Eating Oysters "Bubba" Feller

After we left J.M. Clayton Seafood and Captain Billy, our next destination was the Choptank Sweets Oyster Farm. Waiting to greet us and teach us how to grow and harvest oysters were Kevin and Bubba.

I knew I was going to like Bubba when he started by passing around cold beers and shucking oysters that he'd just pulled out of the water.
Welcome to Choptank Sweets
They even supplied sriracha! We decided to up it a level and top our oysters with fresh picked Maryland blue crab. Two words: DO THIS
Heaven is oysters topped with crab and sriracha
Bubba started our lesson by teaching us about the floating oyster beds - that they make - and are constantly working to innovate.
Bubba of Choptank Sweets
There are hundreds and hundreds of these floating oyster beds and each needs to be flipped every two weeks to ensure the oysters get the proper ratio of sunlight and nourishment. That means that Bubba goes in and flips them. All of them. Which didn't sound so terrible on a gorgeous summer day, but consider winter when Bubba dons waders and an ice pick to get the job done.
Oysters growing in their beds
The baby oysters are raised under cover in this boat house. Just those two floats there have hundreds of millions of baby oysters getting bigger every day. When they are large enough, they are moved to the beds.
Baby oysters
Not to give bloggers a bad reputation, but after our early departure from DC and long drive to the Eastern Shore (plus stuffing ourselves with beer, crab and oysters), it was time for a break. I popped my trunk and unloaded a beach chair, towels and a tablecloth so that we could relax and catch some rays supervise the oyster farm.
Bloggers hard at work...
Ok, not all of us were lazing in the sun. Amanda had discovered that Bubba's dad was actually one of her teachers back in school. He'd now retired over to Cambridge and Bubba put him on the phone with her.
Amanda reconnecting with her toes in the sand
With all of the touring and working done, it was time to say goodbye to Kevin and Bubba and go get some lunch. The guys recommended we hit Ocean Odyssey which served both beer and oysters sourced from Choptank Sweets.
Bloggers on the Bay with Kevin & Bubba of Choptank Sweets
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Kevin had told us back on the dock that Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD was using their oyster shells to brew a special beer. Naturally, on arrival at Ocean Odyssey we had to order a frosty cold Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout:
Flying Dog Brewery's Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout
Blame college in Tallahassee, but I can't pass up a fried pickles so those headed to our table as well. I usually don't like the spears but these were perfecty cooked and still crispy on the outside.
Fried pickles at Ocean Odyssey
Next up, crab tots. Yes, that is what you think it is. 100% Maryland crab in tot form. Had to be done.
Crab Tots at Ocean Odyssey
And finally, Oysters "Bubba" Feller... yes, named after Bubba from Choptank Sweets and made with Choptank Sweets oysters. We died for these. And then Bubba walked in the door and we died a little more. I don't know if it was the day on the water or the oysters but at this point, we all had a bit of a crush on Bubba.
Oysters "Bubba" Feller at Ocean Odyssey
Follow Choptank Oyster Company on Facebook to learn more and look for "Choptank Sweets" on menus. Or, just drive over to Cambridge and order some up at Ocean Odyssey (also on Facebook).

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