DC Quickfire Challenge: Snakehead Edition

Remember snakeheads? Tons of DC media about how they were taking over the Potomac and eating our native species? Well, guess what? We're fighting back. How? Well, this past week, Maryland fishermen pulled in SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS of those suckers from our waters.

Let me let you in on a little secret - they are tasty! DC chefs are jumping to add them to menus. You can do your part and eat the heck out of em. Local source stars, Equinox and Ripple were first out of the gate getting snakehead on the menu this weekend. Equinox Sous Chef Blair McCormick has even been appointed Chief Snakehead Handler for the downtown dining hot spot. 
Equinox Chief Snakehead Handler (photo: Ellen Gray)
"Move over cod, there's a new fish slithering into the spotlight," said McCormick. "The fish is light and creamy - and we're serving them beer battered and fried with a side of tabasco and lemon."
Equinox Beer Battered Snakehead
Ripple Chef Logan Cox is serving his snakehead pan-fried with sweet potato, wild rice and a caper emulsion. Since it's located in my Cleveland Park neighborhood, I walked up tonight to try it (yum!) and bring you this photo:
Ripple Pan-Fried Snakehead with Sweet Potato, Wild Rice and Caper Emulsion
Starting on Tuesday, Dino launches their new spring menu and it will feature pancetta wrapped snakehead in a saffron mussel stew. 

If you spot snakehead on the menu - most importantly, order it and eat it. Then, let me know (tweet me @floridagirlindc using #snakehead or email me) and I'll add them to this post. Try to send me a photo so we can see all of the creative ways this tasty bastard is being cooked!

More to come and this blog post will be updated as they are added.

[Ed Note: Want to stay more up to date on what's being caught in the waters near you? Sign up for the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Update.]

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