Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Peanut Butter Cups at The Passenger

Last night, I was flying back in from Chicago. Easy peasy into DCA. Except something or other wasn't cool with landing gear of some sort (the flaps not the wheels thankfully), so we got diverted to Dulles to take advantage of the longer runways... much appreciated as I wasn't interested in a winter dip into the Potomac. But after that, I needed a drink, so I met Marshall, Sylvie, Alejandra and crew at The Passenger where I saw this sign.

I mean, when life gives you deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, peanut butter cups in a Coca-Cola tempura batter... in my book, you owe them a try. I didn't even take a picture because they basically look like fried blobs on a stick, but boy, they taste damn good. Try to get by The Passenger while Chef Joe still has 'em on the board.

The Passenger is located at 1021 7th Street NW, Washington, DC. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest cocktail and menu concoctions. 


Pete Johnson said...

It is clear that you have not hit that age where constraining cholesterol levels is such a challenge.

Tammy Gordon said...

All in moderation, Pete. I just had one. ;)