To Do: See the Baby Gorilla at the National Zoo

Looking for some free entertainment in a warm environment? Try the Ape House at the National Zoo.

I had friends with kids in town this weekend and after going to the zoo to (not) see the pandas, I was desperately asking every stray zoo visitor if they had seen ANY animals. I get it, it was cold, I didn't really want to be out in the snow, but we had kids to entertain and those raccoons red pandas didn't do it for us.

The gorillas though, provided a solid hour of entertainment... until they kicked us out at closing time. It was cute overload, but also had enough gross factor (think gorillas picking their noses and other such fun) for the kids that they were laughing their little booties off.

More pics and fun after the jump...

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Unknown said...

I went to the zoo too after brunch at Dino ;-)