Hey Cupcake, It's *ANOTHER* DC Reality Show!

Unlike that OTHER reality show coming up about DC women, DC Cupcakes promises to be good, clean fun showcasing cute, fashionable, fun businesswomen.  It premieres one week from today on Friday July 16th at 10pm ET on TLC and stars sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis of Georgetown Cupcake.

While the debate on who makes the best cupcake in DC rages on (Bake ShopBuzz, Curbside, Hello, Baked & Wired), there's no doubt (can you believe that line is STILL wrapped around the corner? Even after the expansion?) Georgetown Cupcake has won the hearts of many District residents. Now that it's turning reality show, will it become lousy with tourists and have an even longer line? Probably, but I'm still proud of them!

Get your sneak peek here:

You can follow Georgetown Cupcake on Twitter where they reveal a free cupcake flavor each day for the first 100 customers that ask for it!


Lisa said...

I'm actually looking forward to this show. I mean, if anything, it's going to make me want to eat their cupcakes more than I normally do bc they look so good onscreen!

Holly Keegan said...

Hey- thanks for the heads up. Somehow I have missed hearing about this show... but not the housewives (which I will NOT watch). Since I'm a terrible baker, it should be fun to live vicariously through those that can!