Happy Independence Day!

I'm gearing up for fireworks by doing laundry (yawn) and snacking... I've decided that my snack of red and orange peppers with a black olive hummus and crumbled goat cheese look kind of like a firework blast:
What are you snacking on today? Did you incorporate any fresh, locally sourced ingredients into your traditional July 4th menu?


Elizabeth F. Stewart said...

Fun pic! I'm snacking on watermelon w/fresh basil from Dupont Farmers' Market and will bring a big bundle of it (basil, not watermelon) to a friend's for dinner. She bought heirloom tomatoes at the Silver Spring market yesterday. Then we will high-tail it to the fireworks (the real loud ones outdoors in the heat, not the red pepper and hummus/chevre ones in the AC).

Tammy Gordon said...

YUMMMMM! I love watermelon salad. Especially with feta - I guess its the salty-sweet!

Shari Sunday said...

Your snack sounds good. I'll have to try that. Always wanted to be in DC for the 4th. What did you do for fireworks?

Tammy Gordon said...

Shari, check out my post from July 5th - it was great this year. Went down to Cantina Marina which was the perfect spot to catch the fireworks. Come next year!