"Let's Eat it Out of Existence"

If you care about sustainable seafood, when is it ok to say publicly that you want to eat a species out of existence?  When it's an invasive, non-native species taking over and ruining the ecosystem for the native species.

That's the premise of today's AP story on the seafood battle raging in our oceans. You see, people have been dumping their aquarium fish in the ocean.  All actions have consequences and while you may think you're freeing Nemo to live a lovely life in his real home, you're actually threatening the ecosystem.  Don't care? How about if you weren't able to get tuna, or crabs, or your favorite seafood because of something like this? It's definitely something to think about.

So, how are the namby-pamby, liberal, enviros fighting back? Protests? Whining on cable TV? Writing letters to the editors? Hell no. They're starting fishing tournaments and promoting putting these species on the menu.  I mean, we're overfishing things we *want* on our plates, like sea bass or tuna.  So, why not add Lionfish to our palate? 

The article says, "Chefs say lionfish has a mild, versatile flavor that lends itself to everything from a basic fry to marinated ceviche. It can be dried into lionfish jerky, or served raw on sticky rice as sushi."

Maybe there's a Lionfish challenge in my future... it's not exactly local... and I don't want it to be.

PS. Hat tip to Chef Barton Seaver (below) who tipped me off to the story on his Facebook page.


Nelle Somerville said...

Eek, fish jerky just sounds fishy.

Ali said...

I wonder if snakehead are edible...

Tammy Gordon said...
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Tammy Gordon said...

Let's do it. We can figure out some way to eat those creepy bastards.