Self High Five: FloridaGirl's Hometown Paper Profile

Thanks to Tampa Trib foodie, Jeff Houck for this great write up of my blog in TBO.com, and even more for the fun walk down memory lane about great Tampa area food.

On the right hand side of this blog you can follow these blogs post on Facebook via Networked blogs (which is great bc you don't have to come back to this page, it comes to you!)

I've still yet to meet up (I promised Jeff I wouldn't say tweet up) with someone who was fantastic on Twitter that wasn't just as interesting in real life. If you're a foodie and not following Jeff, make it happen. He's knowledgable, funny and snark-alicious.

PS. Leave me your MUST EAT Tampa recommendations in the Comments section below for my next visit home.


Kim Davenport said...

Larry's Deli on 41 in Lutz... or might be Land O Lakes. Everytime I go to my dad's, I try to make it at lunch time so I can get one of their famous sandwiches. You won't be disappointed!!!

Kim D in Spring Hill

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Gordon,
I just read about your love for food and Florida in the Tampa Tribune. I visited your blog and a like it very much. The reason why I am writing you is that I have started a blog also, but mine wants to be a homage to my mother (who has Alzheimer disease)and to all that she did teach me during her and my life through food and its preparation. I would be pleased if you visit my blog and tell me your impression. I warn you that it is mostly written in italian (I am from Italy) but I see my husband using the browser/translator to be able to read it, every time I post an article.
Thank you for your attention...and also for the suggestions on where to eat around Tampa. Sincerely, Cinzia

Tammy Gordon said...

Thanks for the recommendations Kim! More for the next visit. And I will definitely check out your blog Cinzia - what a great idea to get to know her better!

Ali said...

This is amazing!!! GORGEOUS picture!

I know a celebrity!!!! xoxo

Ashley Parker, 2008 Class Reporter said...

I'll probably mention this later, but you MUST trek down to Bradenton to eat at Star Fish Co. in Cortez Village. It's this tiny little restaurant at the back of the seafood market (the restaurant itself is, well, the dock), and they have fantastic, fresh, down-home Florida seafood. Also, the ambiance and the people are awesome- Cortezians are a riot. True blue fishermen/women & Florida crackers through and through. I highly suggest getting the fried mullet and Captain Kathy's key lime pie.

cube said...

Our city was taken over by pirates yesterday (Gasparilla) and I know you commiserate with all us Tampanians ;-)

Tammy Gordon said...

Thanks Ashley! I'll definitely have to try that next visit!