Resolutions for 2010

I once heard Oprah say that goals without deadlines are just dreams... well, here are mine for 2010:

Health & Wellness:
- Incorporate SOME exercise into my week at least once a week - walking, running, yoga, biking, golf - *anything*
- Stop eating factory farmed meat. (Luckily my farmers market has bacon, sausage, etc.)
- Shop at local farmers markets when possible.
- Master 4 killer vegetarian recipes that meat eaters love.

Financial Security:
- Pay attention to Mint.com, ie save more, get on a path towards buying a place.

- Learn to surf.
- Master my new digital camera.
- Paint at least one painting that I love.
- Learn how to improve my blog design.

- Learn to make fudge and fried chicken for my dude.
- Share in real time, rather than internalizing.
- Plan a fun trip together with my dude someplace neither of us have been.
- Stay in better touch with old friends.
- Call Nana more often.

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Tammy Gordon said...

Well, I was 7 for 14. At least I bought a condo and learned a slew of killer vegetarian recipes that meat eaters also love.