Jeans at the Office? Yes, please!

I read with great enthusiasm this Wall Street Journal story on so-called "Power Jeans"

You see, I've long been a jeans kind of gal and feel confident that the right pair of denim paired with the right heel, top and blazer can be perfectly professional.

I'm not talking a slouchy college kid look... but a confident professional with great style can definitely pull this off. My denim at work rules:

1) No rips, holes or bedazzling.
2) Pick a dark shade of blue or black.
3) Always pair with a work-appropriate jeacket and heels.

Examples of doing it right:

From ShopBop.com:

From More.com:

From Blog on the Cusp:

From Star94.com:

And (seriously) from a website called beautytipsforministers.com

PS. POTUS wears mom jeans and should NOT try to pull off power jeans unless Michelle gives him a style update. I respect that he wants to remain true to his stonewash... I just don't want to see it representing the free world.

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