Food Challenge: Twitter Edition

This unambitious, drizzly weekend morning, I found myself with what could only be called disparate ingrdients. From bed, I issued a desperate call (ok, tweet):

@floridagirlindc Q: What can u make w/Bisquick, milk, peaches and'or mango (no eggs)

The quick responses make me wonder if Twitter may have some future Top Chef challengers. With "quick fire"- like timing, I got back links and ideas for a pancake version w/o eggs, beignets and biscuits with peach spread. All YUMMY sounding.

The winner (this time) was an old "brick and mortar" star... @BettyCrocker! Proving that old brands can "get" and thrive in new media, "she" tweeted me a simple cobbler recipe that took me about 2 minutes to toss together and was foolproof.

Results pictured (and quickly digested), recipe here.

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