Another Kodak Moment, Courtesy of JC

This picture of Loader lying next to the trash in Key West is a follow-up to the one of her sleeping on the lounge chair. Not one to let a gravity-defying hangover hold her back, JC rallied and went on the boat trip with the group. Granted, she spent most of the time hanging over the side of the boat, but she hung in there.

A warning to us all: don't let this be you in New Orleans. Hangovers aren't what they used to be. They are 10 times worse and last twice as long.


Tammy Gordon said...

does anyone have the one of loader, rossi, bril and i puking over the side of the sebago? i think larrison's dad took it, as i recall he mailed it to me in postcard form... AT WORK.

Whitney said...

i totally remember loader by the trash. i can drink two glasses of wine and be hungover the next day. i am truly scared of NO.

JC said...

UMMMMM I have no recollection of that at all! That is so disgusting!