Reveler's Hour: A DC Restaurant Love Story

You know those magical nights where you fall in love with where you live and everything about your life all over again? Reveler's Hour with Julia Coney last night was one of those.

Owner and Beverage Director, Bill Jensen started us off with the Vermouth Panache. We toasted the success of year one and the 'what’s next' of Black Wine Professionals with Vilmart’s “Grand Cellier” Champagne.

Grilled Octopus with Mustard Aioli, New Potatoes and Pickled Finger Peppers

Our radiant server, Emma (with the coolest eye makeup) got us started with the Grilled Provolone Toasts, Blistered Snap Peas with Ricotta and Lemon, and the Octopus.

Next, Bill brought us a gorgeous Yves Leccia Niellucciu Blend Rosé 2016 out of Corsica and gave us a taste of COZs “POP Macerado” Vital 2019 from Portugal. [Side note: The wine list at Reveler's Hour is my favorite list in town. Their team loves helping steer you to fun new regions and producers. Always ask. This is not a pretentious bunch.]

Blistered Snap Peas with Ricotta, Lemon and Pine Nuts

Our unanimous favorite bite was the Arugula Pappardelle with Masala Braised Rabbit. The winner that we almost missed because we didn't order it, but the kitchen sent anyway: Garlic Knots. Swoon.

(Top) Arugula Papparedelle with Marsala Braised Rabbit, (Bottom) Campanelle with Mushy Broccoli, St. Malachi Cheese, Spicy Chili Oil, Lemon, Calabrian Chili Breadcrumbs and (Top Right) Garlic Knots

And finally (because when everything is going your way, you don't skip dessert) the Pecorino Cake with Raspberry Preserves and Toasted Pine Nuts. I declared it “like a cheese plate, but in cake form!”

Last night was a celebration of making it through this year. 

Pecorino Cake with Raspberry Preserves

I was so scared this restaurant, which had barely opened its doors before the pandemic shut everything down, and had already found a place in my heart, wouldn’t make it. I bought t-shirts, wine, and takeout sandwiches. I shared their social media posts and joined their wine Zooms. I spent a memorable night eating takeout dinner in an alley with Jenna just to cheer them on. If I could have willed them through to the other side, I would have.

They made it. Through grit, hard decisions, ingenuity, and hopefully some PPP money. 

All I know is that I was so grateful to get to experience it again… and it was even better last night, after all we have all been through together as a community.

Thank you to owners Jill Tyler, Bill Jensen & Jon Sybert for this life-affirming meal, which they generously comped way too much of. Love you all, and will be back soon to spend gobs of money on your glorious menu.

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