The Definitive #DCChristmasChallenge Holiday To Do List

Washington, DC is magical around the holidays. And, it's not just because the politicians tend to go home. There are so many incredibly creative and fun things to do!

I had to make a list. The. List. The starting gun goes off December 1st (ok, November 30th at midnight) - see how many you can do!
The Whobilation at Miracle on Seventh Street
The Model Train Bar at Miracle on Seventh Street (look up!)
How many do you think I'll make? You? Tweet me updates, recommendations and things I should add at @tammy. Tag your pics with #DCChristmasChallenge to play along.


Laetitia Brock said...

Just checked off the White House decorations! Doing Zoolights on Sunday.... getting there slowly ;-)

John Hilston said...

Hope you already completed that to do list, thank you for sharing it with us.
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