Is Inn at Perry Cabin Worth The Money?

The short answer: Yes, Inn at Perry Cabin is worth every dime.

My problem was that I didn't have enough dimes. But, I really needed an escape out of town... and a weekend on the Eastern Shore with my man and my dog seemed like the perfect solution. Enter Chase Points.

I don't know why I hadn't checked this before, but Inn at Perry Cabin is also available by using points. I booked it and three hours later, we were seated on a comfy sofa next to a fire pit with a gin n tonic on the way.

It was peak spring - cherry blossoms, dogwoods, tulips and more. But, I get the feeling Inn at Perry Cabin is special, no matter what time you are there.

The room and grounds are so welcoming, you barely want to leave... except the town of St. Michaels is equally as quaint and inviting. We hopped on the complimentary bikes and started to explore. Favorite spots included Theo's for dinner at the bar, Ava's Pizzeria (complete with pup menu on the back patio), Justine's Ice Cream Parlor and Rise Up Coffee.

One of my favorite bike excursions was when I went out for coffee and happened upon the St. Michael's Farmers Market. In addition to bakers and farmers, there was a chef demo, a live band and a local liquor distillery!

Honestly though, grab a few bottles of rosé at the local liquor store and a spot by the water. You don't even need to leave the property to have an amazing day.

Our last day, we went for a sail. Since we were the only ones that signed up, it ended up becoming a private lesson.

We went back to the city more relaxed than we had been in months. The Inn at Perry Cabin will always be on my radar... but if you can't swing the cash or points, there are quite a few AirBNBs in the area that will give you a similar experience.

We'll be back.

Inn at Perry Cabin is located at 308 Watkins Lane in St. Michaels, MD.


Laetitia said...

Awesome. I've been hoarding my chase points and should really start using them at some point ;-)

Suzan Baker said...

There are not so many inns people hears praises about. It really must be an incredible one.
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Patricia Carter said...

The place look incredible for some R & R. I love it.
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