First Look at Mirabelle in Downtown DC

I've been following Chef Frank Ruta and Pastry Chef Aggie Chen around Washington, DC since they first sold me on Manhattans and cheeseburgers at Palena Bar (RIP, Palena). When I heard they were opening a new restaurant, I stalked them on Instagram. I followed their travels and research in Paris. And, I waited.

Well, I didn't wait that long. Mirabelle opened on Monday for a trial lunch run and I held out til Thursday before I roped Rachel into joining me for a taste test.

Rachel and I were both torn between the Oven-Roasted Poussin and the BelleBurger. So, we got both and split them.

The poussin is cooked perfectly and falls off the bone, but the crawfish and morels that it's sitting in was what made me swoon. (You can see there, I paired it with a Virginia rosé - love that they are putting Mid-Atlantic wine on the menu!)

The BelleBurger kicks Ruta's cheeseburger up a notch. It's basically like if a French onion soup had a baby with a perfectly cooked cheese burger. You can order it "wet" or "dry"... this version is wet. Because, why not?

The dessert cart that is wheeled around the dining room will have you saving room for pastry. I loved the Mille Crepe with an incredible caramel sauce. It was light enough that it didn't send me into naptime, just out the door with a big smile and plans to return soon.

A few things to note. The restaurant is gorgeous and very close to The White House. I suspect once it opens up for dinner, it's going to be extremely busy since it's the most luxurious, chef-driven spot in the neighborhood.

I'm looking forward to drinks at the bar. The cocktail and wine list is alluring, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be tempted by the absinthe.

Mirabelle is located at 900 16th Street in Washington, DC. It's close to McPherson Square and Farragut West/North metros. Snag a reservation while you can!


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Patricia Carter said...

The dessert looks really great. I am definitely feeling hungry.
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