Creative Mid-Atlantic Dishes Dazzle at Hazel Restaurant in Shaw

Recently, my parents were visiting to check out the cherry blossoms. And, you know what that means. A lot of showing them the new restaurants in town that we love.

I'd been to Hazel once before - when it was warm enough to sit on the patio, remember that? I remember raving about the vegetable dishes.

This time, the proteins were the break out stars.

Check out this gorgeous crudo. It tasted as good as it looked, but I would order it again just for the Instagram hearts.

I love a good steak tartare (I know, high school me would die to know I'm eating raw steak), but pair it with tater tots and I just lost my mind. Yes, I said tater tots. Go immediately and order this dish.

Finally, we ordered the zucchini bread... just to have a good carb to share. Well, it was the table favorite. The zucchini bread was toasted and served with a creamy paté. Make sure it's on your order if it's still there.

I can't wait to see what Chef Rob Rubba is going to do with all of the incredible vegetables headed our way from Mid-Atlantic farms. And, that patio is going to be perfect for spring days.

Hazel Restaurant is located at 808 V Street NW (right across from the 9:30 Club and Atlantic Plumbin Landmark Theatres.)

1 comment:

Patricia Carter said...

The bread definitely was the right choice here. I would have asked for it too.
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