#WorkingLunch: The Oval Room in Washington, DC

Since I started my own business, the world is my office.

"Won't you feel isolated, working by yourself," people said to me. But, the reality is, I meet at my client's offices or events. On any given day, I might be live tweeting a television broadcast from The National Mall or advising a CMO in a board room. But, it's rare that I'm just chilling on my sofa in pajamas (though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't relish those days.)

One thing that I've come to value is the mobile office. Whether it's on a different continent, in the middle of the ocean or just down the street, a place that combines a good view or good lunch with a strong wifi signal and access to electricity makes a great spot to settle in.

One of my clients is located steps from The White House. And, in our weeks hunkered together, I've become a big fan of The Oval Room as a haven for a working lunch. Not the kind I recently spotted Rahm Emanuel having there, but the kind where I break open my laptop and get work done right there. Each seat at The Oval Room's five-seat bar has a double set of plugs. That means you can charge your laptop and phone, while simultaneously perusing the menu.

If you sit at the bar during lunch, you get a special menu and exclusive deal: $20 for a glass of wine (red, white or sparkling), a lunch entree and a dessert.

Today, I had the crispy skin-on salmon with red beets and ruby red grapefruit for lunch. I paired it with a tart Sauvignon Blanc.
Crispy Salmon with red beets and ruby red grapefruit at The Oval Room 

As the kitchen team prepared my meal, I knocked out emails by the dozens, read the news and scheduled another round of meetings for my next project.

The salmon arrived, perfectly cooked. Despite my decades-old jihad against roasted beets, I loved these.

In past meals, I've had the roast pork Cuban sandwich, the roasted chicken salad and the gnocchi. So, far, I haven't had a bad meal at the bar for the lunch deal. It does change seasonally, so feel free to consult with the talented staff if you have questions.

One of my favorite parts of The Oval Room's lunch deal is the closer: dessert. You can get fresh-baked cookies to take back to the office (today they were chocolate chip or ginger molasses.) If you've got time and appetite, they will turn those fresh baked cookies into an ice cream sandwich. Their daily offerings range from quirky flavors like black garlic, salted caramel, coffee, and also your more traditional strawberry.

Today, I got the chocolate chip cookies and stuffed them with the strawberry ice cream. (I also recommend the ginger molasses cookies stuffed with salted caramel.)
Ice Cream Sandwich at The Oval Room

Perfect amount of food, time and electricity to keep me going for the next round of meetings.

Where should I take #WorkingLunch to next?

The Oval Room is located at 800 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC. It is near both Farragut West (orange/blue) and Farragut North (red) metro stations. It's close to the White House, just across from Lafayette Park. For tables, reservations are recommended in advance. For the bar, just pop by. Lunch special is only available at the bar.


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The dessert look a lot better than the actual food.
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