Where to Eat in Marseille: La Table de Casimir

Tonight, I decided to broaden my little French world by going out for Italian - at La Table de Casimir. After all, one third of the population of Marseille can trace their roots back to Italy.
La Table de Casimir
Entering the restaurant was like walking into a full bear hug. The proprietor belted out "Buonasera!" with a huge smile when I walked in. I was the first person in for dinner and my natural instinct was that in France, that was wrong. But, he waived my anxiety off, sat me and said with a laugh, "You Americain?!? Only Americains eat at 7:30!"
I instantly relaxed and ordered a Provence rosé to start. (I've committed to a rose every day and have been streaming live tastings on Snapchat at "floridagirlindc".)
For dinner, I was torn... There was eggplant Parmesan and I'd seen fresh eggplant in the daily markets. There was a veal orecchiette with artichokes and... Yum. And there was a braised beef with polenta.
I asked my host his opinion. "Orecchiette is a very good pasta, but it is pasta with veal." He pointed to the braised beef and said, "I brought two recipes with me from Italy. This is one."
Braised Beef and Polenta
It was delicious. Hearty polenta, steaming gravy, falling apart on the fork beef comfort food. And just what I needed at the moment when I was missing home a bit.

After I had dredged baguette across every bit of gravy, my plate was removed and we started to talk dessert. There was a chocolate fondant cake, tiramisu and a ricotta cake. Again, I put myself in the hands of the owner.
Him: "You like chocolate?"
Me: *gives him a look*
Him: "Fondant. It is an aphrodisiac."
Me: "I'll have that." *glares inward at self that I didn't bring my boyfriend here*
Him: "Seven minutes."
Me: "It is all good."
Chocolate Fondant Cake
After all, time is relative here. I leaned back to slowly finish my second rosé.
La Table de Casimir is located at 21 Rue d’Italie 13006 Marseille, France.

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