Best Dog-Friendly Patios for Spring in DC and Northern Virginia

It's that time of year again. Time to make decisions on where to go based on where I can bring my dog.

Ever since Ike came into my life, I turned into one of those dog people. I'm just happier when he's around. So, barring business or romance, I love it when I can bring him along. Here are a few of my favorite spot to meet friends with pups in tow:

Dacha Beer Garden
The first pup meet up of Spring 2016 goes to Dacha where Ike and I met up with Nicole and Mister Coco for a cold beer and catch up. Dacha gets crazy crowded on perfect spring and summer days, so keep that in mind if your dog doesn't dig tons of people up in it's space. Mine, loves it.
Dacha opens daily at 4pm and is located at 1600 7th Street NW. 
Mister Coco and a happy hour 
Room 11 is one of my favorite winter spots, with hearty meals and killer whiskey drinks. But, come spring time, the patio opens and I've got brunch and rose on my mind. My friend Lyn reminded me that Room 11 is also very dog friendly. Seems time her Beast meets Ike. Let's make it happen!
Room 11 is located at 3234 11th Street NW, Washington, DC. 

Hat tip to Reema for this one: "They've even brought my dog treats on a little platter in the past." Plus, they have fantastic cocktails, ramen and a great corner patio to watch life pass by on 9th Street.
Chaplin is located at 1501 9th Street NW, Washington, DC,

Pop's Sea Bar: What could be better than hanging on Pop's patio with your pup while swilling Orange Crushes and noshing on peel and eat shrimp?
Pop's Sea Bar is located at 1817 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC

I half expected this bustling French bistro to be anti-dogs, but their outdoor patio is very pet-friendly. It's so busy, try for a table on the outskirts to keep four legged friends from getting trampled on a busy day. The staff is very sweet and brings out water bowls to keep them hydrated.
Le Diplomate is located at 1601 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

There are only a few outdoor tables at this Italian food mecca, but if you can snag one, they are very pup-friendly. The tables are well-defined spaces, keeping your dog in your space and out of the way of passerbys and busy wait staff. 
Ghibellina is located at 1610 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

Pearly Dive's bar opens up to a standing room only outdoor patio space that is great for hanging out, enjoying drinks and chatting with neighbors. They always keep a bowl of water outside, so it's a must stop for Logan Circle dog walks.
Pearl Dive is located at 1612 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

Saint Ex is the OG of Logan Circle dog-friendly patios. I've been going there for sunny neighborhood brunches for as long as I've had Ike. It's especially fun and friendly for weekend brunch. 
Cafe Saint Ex is located at 1847 14th Street NW, Washington, DC


Glen's Garden Market
Great spot to bring your dog to hang out on the outdoor picnic tables while you savor coffee and their fantastic breakfast sandwiches. The wifi works well, even when there's a critical mass of people hanging out with laptops. And, if you're headed there for lunch or happy hour, you'll want to check out their pizzas. It's also a two-fer as an "errand" because you can grocery shop for the week.
Glen's Garden Market is located at 2001 S Street NW, Washington, DC.

St. Arnold's Mussel Bar
The picnic tables outside of this Belgium beer and mussel bar are where the neighborhood pups meet and hang out. The staff is super dog-friendly and even remembers my dog's name. (OK, so I live nearby and pass almost daily, but still... it's sweet.)
St. Arnold's Cleveland Park is located at 3433 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

Medium Rare
Mark Bucher is one of the most dog-friendly restauranteurs that I know. One time, someone complained to him about dogs on the patio and he straight up said, we are a place for neighbors... including dogs... and that is not going to change. From the welcoming water bowl out front to the staff sneaking Ike some steak (with my approval,) this is one of our favorite spots for brunch or steak frites dinner. (Stay tuned Bethesda friends... Mark's opening Community Diner soon. And, I'm hoping for pup friendly outdoor space there also!)
Medium Rare is located at 3500 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Mister Coco and Ike

I've written about SER several times... my friends Javier & Christiana own the joint. They have amazing food, drink and atmosphere - not to mention my favorite Donostia Gin and Tonics. But, when spring comes, they also have a fantastic, large patio that is dog-friendly. Who says you can't have fine dining in a fun atmosphere, and include your four legged pals.
SER is located at 1110 North Glebe Road in Arlington, VA

I'll add to the list as we go to new places or people recommend spots to us. If you've got a favorite, tweet me or comment below and I'll add to the list.


Unknown said...

I had no idea we had so many pup friendly places! Medium Rare is one of my favorites, excited to know pups are welcome!


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petful101 said...

great acticle ! thank for share

bestadvisor said...

I was in Chaplin! It was great! Try their KAKUNI!

Annie said...

My boys would lick my plates clean! Maybe one day they'll be calmer, because I'd love to take them out to eat.